Yes, all the prices mentioned on our store are inclusive of the applicable Goods and Service Tax.

You can cancel your order only if the meat or sea-food you ordered hasn’t already left our store for delivery. Rest assured, if all the conditions are met, you can cancel your order and get a refund in 5-7 business days.

Absolutely! We follow stringent security protocols and ensure all the payments made to DockWaters or data shared with us is completely secure. We have a Global SSL certificate to testify to the same.

You are entitled to a refund in situations wherein you receive a wrong order, your package is damaged during transit or if the package delivered is way past its expiry date.

Yes, you can track your order through the link provided to you with your order details.

At DockWaters we make sure your meat is stored between the temperature range of 0° and 4° Celsius. This keeps the meat impervious to bacteria.

No, our meat is pasture raised and completely free of any antibiotics and growth hormones.

The nutritional information on most of our products is mentioned on our website, although fresh meat and sea-food usually share standard nutritional information.

Whole Fish is referred to a fish that is gutted, cleaned and scaled by us, but is not sliced into fillets or steaks.

When a fish is cut perpendicular to the spine, it is referred to as steaks. They can come in both boned and boneless form.

Fillet refers to the part of a fish that is pure flesh and does not contain any bone.

Tail-On prawns are prawns that are shelled, deveined and come with its head removed, but tail intact to give it a crunchier texture.

No, we deliver sea-food or meat that is cut and sliced to fit pre-ordained cooking requirements. Rest assured, we harbor quite an exhaustive catalog to satisfy varying palettes.

We employ the practice of artisanal butchery, wherein we ensure the meat procuredis purely organic. Extra care is taken to ensure there is no wastage of precious flesh,