Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DockWaters along with all mobile and computer platforms associated with it have created this Privacy Policy to exhibit our unwavering commitment towards protecting the information of our customers while they engage with our platform online. This Policy is created with the intention to clear any doubts you may have with regards to how DockWaters collects, retains, stores and uses information in service of its customers.

By using our platform, you agree to our collection and use of your data in compliance to this Privacy Policy. The policy is inclusive of our Terms of Services.

A. Personal Information Collected from You

1. Registration and Account Creation

In order to indulge in the services offered by our website, you are required to register with us as a user with your phone number. To place an order, you will be required to submit additional information such as your email address, local address, pin code, and name.

2. Visitor Information

Casual visitors may opt to submit their name, email address, and phone number to learn more about our services and the food products available in our online store. Such information can also be submitted to participate in sponsored events, offers and surveys etc.

3. Financial Information

For seamless transactions while placing your order, you are required to submit your credit card/ debit card number, UPI ID, payment instrument details and billing address to our online secure payment system. The financial information collected by us is available to us for a period of 30 days, and remain secure by our payment system’s individual privacy policy.

4. Feedback

This includes information recorded when you call our customer service executives.This information qualifies for training and quality purposes. Any feedback, review or comment you submit to our website is also collected and stored.

5. Other People’s Information

You can provide other people’s information like their number, address, pin code and email address if you are placing an order on their behalf, provided you have their consent to do so.

6. Usage data

Depending on how you interact with our platform, we collect data pertaining to your screen actions, taps, scrolls, page views, app crashes, and other information such as the browser you are using our site on, in order to improve our site’s performance.

7. Device Data

Data pertaining to the device used to access our website is also collected by us. This includes information such as the IP address, device serial numbers, mobile network data, and unique device identifiers.

8. Cookies

With the help of ‘Cookies’ we are able to collect information such as specific user settings with regards to languages and setting preferences. ‘Cookies’ allow us to analyze how you interact with our website and study your experience while doing so. You can disable ‘Cookies’ for our website. However, you will not be able to access some imperative features in our site that may potentially improve your user experience.

9. Information Collected through Advertisements

Our site may employ advertisements from third party services. How you interact with these ads, may trigger data that can also be collected, and stored by us. Collected advertisement data allows advertisers to show only specific ads based on your preference.

B. How DockWaters uses your Information

1. The information collected by us may be used in the interest of the business’s legitimate purposes or to provide better services to its customers. The information collected with regards to personal, financial, device and other information is used to provide a considerably more personalized experience to the user. The information collected can also be used to identify potential fraud and breaches of User Agreement and Company Security.

2. You email address may be used frequently to send you important information regarding our products and offers that you may find intriguing. Your personal contact number can also be used to reach out to you when addressing a concern you may have while using our platform.

3. The financial information obtained by our secure payment systems is used only to facilitate payments. In light of any issue with the same, the concerned payment system may reach out to you via email.

4. The information you submit to purchase orders on other individual’s behalf will be used to fulfill the order appropriately. They will be reached out on the submitted email address or contact number in case of any issue with the delivery of the order.

5. We may contact you via your email address with newsletters, updates, and other promotional materials such as events, greetings etc.

6. Your personal information will also be used to respond to a particular inquiry from your side.

C. Information Sharing

1. We do not, under any circumstance, share our customer’s information with any third party entity for advertising or commercial purposes, unless we have the direct consent from you to do so.

2. Certain situations do compel us to share information with third parties. These third parties are:

Government or Law Enforcement Bodies
We may share your information with Government and law officials, in good faith, if there is a need to investigate, detect or prevent any potential fraud or illegal activity on our platform. Information may also be shared to comply with any legal obligation that may arise in the future. Furthermore, information may also be shared to investigate, detect and prevent threats to safety of a person, as required by the law.

Third Party Services
We may share your personal information with third-party service providers that are associated and not associated with our business. We may share your information with delivery agents to ensure accurate fulfillment of your order, share it with our integrated payment systems to facilitate smooth payments and more. The platform allows you to connect with other websites that we do not have any control over. For e.g. you may opt for an external payment gateway to make your purchases on our website, but such usage is subject to the privacy policies dictated by the payment system separately and not in any way related to us. Third party service are subject to strict confidentiality agreements, thus they are not allowed to share this information with anyone except to carry out their functions.

Business Associates
We may share your information with our trusted affiliates and group companies to recommend products and offers relevant to you. In case of a merger or transfer of ownership in the future to other businesses, customer information may also be transferred in the transition process.

However, the transition will happen with the current privacy policy in mind.

D. Controlling your Information

In a bid to control your information, you may opt to restrict the collection or use of your information in the following manner.

Whenever prompted to fill a form on our website, seek out the box you can check in order to indicate that you do not want your information being used for the purposes of direct marketing.
If you had agreed to the prospect of us using your information for direct marketing initially, you can change your mind anytime by contacting us through our email address –
We do not intend to sell, distribute or lease your personal information to any third party we may or may not be in association with, unless we have clear consent from you or are commanded by law to do so.
If you wish, we can send you promotional material pertaining to third party products that you may find interesting by using your personal information.
Furthermore, you are entitled to request details of your personal information stored with us, under the Data Protection Act of 1998 upon clearance of a small fee. If you would like to receive a copy of the information we possess on you, you can email us at
You can also write to us, if you believe any of your information held by us is incorrect or erroneous. We will take the necessary actions to rectify the concerned errors immediately.
E. Know Your Rights

It is imperative to us that you remain in full-control of the data you share with us. If you would like to withdraw consent pertaining to how we use your information, you can do so by contacting us via our official email address or contact number. However, please note, that you may not be able to use our services once you have withdrawn your consent.

F. Retention

You information is only retained by us to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience on our website. Rest assured, your information isn’t held by us for longer than it is necessary.

G. Children’s Privacy

You have to be above 18 years of age to consent to our user agreement and use the services offered by our website. DockWaters does not collect information from minors that are under the age of 18. If we find a user account associated to a minor on our site, we will be well within our rights to delete or terminate them effective immediately.

H. Grievance

In case of any grievance with regards to the above privacy policy, you can contact:

*Provide contact information*