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Chicken Drumstick (5-7pcs) + Chicken Curry Cut (500gms)

Today 90 min
Bring home the perfect combo of ready-to-cook chicken curry cut pieces and ...

299 360

No. of Pieces 5-7 + 9-12 Net Weight 1000gms

Pink Seawater Prawns Large Pack (50C/Kg) | 35-40 pieces

Today in 90 min
Treat yourself to a precious seafood delicacy in the form of White Ocean Pr ...

850 950

No. of Pieces 35-40 Net Weight 400gms

White Pomfret (Medium Steaks)| 10-13 pieces

Get your favorite White Pomfret Steaks, precisely sliced and ready for the ...

785 870

No. of Pieces 10-13 Net Weight 400gms

Rawas Steaks | 6-8 pieces

Are you in mood for some delicious pan-fried fish? Well, DockWaters has jus ...

675 750

No. of Pieces 6-8 Net Weight 400gms

Out Of Stock

Chicken Boneless Cubes (500 grams)

Get neatly cut and incredibly delicious chicken boneless cubes delivered to ...

215 327

No. of Pieces 12-16 Net Weight 500gms

Chicken Breast Boneless

These boneless pieces come from the meatiest part of a chicken’s body ...

215 296

No. of Pieces NA Net Weight 550gms

Chicken Kheema (Mince)- 500grams

Get your hands on finely minced chicken kheema, expertly grinded by the ski ...

210 305

No. of Pieces NA Net Weight 500gms

Chicken Whole Leg - 2 pieces

Meatier and Juicier in equal proportions, DockWaters’ succulent Chick ...

150 185

No. of Pieces 2 Net Weight 300gms

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